Dear friends, 

The sky is gray today, but I don't mind the rain -- it seems to suggest that Spring is here to stay this time. It's been a long time coming. Reflecting on our early frosts last fall (some of us had our first frost in August!) and the freezing nights that persisted until just this weekend, we realized that it's been one of the longest winters in our recent memory. Remember that bitter cold spell in January? Can you believe that was just this year?

It's finally over, though, and we're going to be celebrating at the Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing THIS SATURDAY! Yes. Our first market will be this Saturday, April 28th. We can't wait to see you there!

In the past few weeks, we've been staving off cabin fever with some intense spring cleaning. We've cleaned every inch of our kitchen and even added some new inches to it, with a newly renovated prep room and a brand new walk-in cooler. It's very exciting and centering, starting the season with plenty of clean, uncluttered space.

The spring cleaning doesn't stop at the floors and the cupboards, though. Spring cleaning can happen within, too, as we turn away from heavy winter foods and toward lighter, more refreshing spring fare. Spring's flavor is sour in Macrobiotic philosophy, and sourness stimulates the liver, helping to release toxins. Only one hitch -- we're all ready for the bright, sour, cleansing flavors of spring, but the lingering cold has all the spring plants laying low. No ramps, no sorrel, no fiddleheads, no nettles. Not yet! But soon! Until then, we'll make do and make delicious with what we have, the plentiful roots and generous cold-weather brassicas our farmers can provide. And in the meantime, try including some turmeric in your diet, as well, as it's been shown to reduce liver stress (along with a host of other benefits). We're experimenting today with recipes to bring more nourishing, antioxidant turmeric into our diets in fun and delicious ways. Come visit us on Saturday to see what we've come up with!

We hope you've all passed the winter in good health and good spirits, and we look forward to seeing our Farmers Market family this weekend. 

Rice and Beanly Yours,

The Macro Mamas