Hello! Long time no see!

We are looking for a few new faces at Macro Mamas! We are excited for the opportunities we have ahead of us this year, but we need a few more motivated individuals to help us make everything happen! Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us. Send a resumé and a cover letter to us at macromamas@gmail.com.

About the work:

We start most days at 8 AM with the goal of finishing by 4:30. Our kitchen is a supportive, collaborative, and light-hearted environment, but we also take our work seriously. We hustle! This job is fast-paced and requires physical endurance and mental clarity. There’s a lot going on here almost every day. We are always striving for excellence. We are a fun, close-knit, compassionate group. We all care about the work that we do, and we all want to do it quickly, safely, and efficiently!

Our busy season is from mid-April to mid-December. We ask that people make a commitment for the full season when they join our team. From mid-January until April, we cook for our wholesale accounts, and there are some opportunities for employment during that time. 

We’d like to hire people who:

·      can self-direct

·      are comfortable working independently and as part of a team

·      can read and execute a recipe confidently

·      trust their own taste buds

·      can lift up to 50# safely

·      can focus and multi-task even when surrounded by activity

·      share our passion for sustainability and seriously good food

About the positions available:

Cook & Kitchen Prep: This is a position for individuals with commercial kitchen experience, or comparable training. Tasks include food prep for markets and wholesale products, cooking for catered events, occasional pickling and baking. Some knowledge of vegan, vegetarian, and macrobiotic techniques is desirable, though being vegan is by no means a prerequisite for this job. For the right person, this job can be a chance to exercise creativity and curiosity. Must be available Thursdays.

This job can be seasonal or a year-round position.

Baker: This position involves baking from-scratch vegan desserts for the Ithaca Farmers Market. We are seeking individuals with knack and experience in baking. Understanding of vegan ingredients and substitutions is desirable, as is experience with gluten-free baking. Confidence reading and executing recipes is a must. Must work Fridays. April-December

Food Prep & Packaging, Delivery Driver: This person will help to pack up and deliver (in our business vehicle) our wholesale items to their various destinations around Ithaca. Tuesdays.

Farmers Market Staff: This person will help serve our customers at the Ithaca Farmers Market. Duties involve setting up the booth, maintaining food safety standards, assembling meals and interacting with customers, frying corn fritters, and re-packing the truck. Saturdays, April-December

Farmers Market Lead: This person will be responsible for the execution of our Tuesday market concessions, which involves: driving and parking the box truck at Dewitt Park, directing & facilitating set-up, maintaining food safety standards, assembling meals & interacting with customers, re-packing and returning the truck to our kitchen. Tuesdays, weather-dependent, May-October. *Because this position is weather-dependent, we’d love to incorporate it into another role in the kitchen!

Depending on the individuals who apply, these positions can and ideally will be melded and merged. Are you a baker and a cook? Great! Are you a cook who likes to drive? Great! Are you a baker who wants to sell food down at the Farmers Market? Great!


Starts at $10/hr for market staff, plus tips, lunch provided

Starts at $11/hr for kitchen staff, lunch provided, reevaluation contingent on experience and responsibilities

To Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter to macromamas@gmail.com