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Feels like home...

Feels like home...

Our cozy booth with our special family lamp to light the table on dark or gloomy mornings. 

Body cooling barley, perfect for hot weather...

Body cooling barley, perfect for hot weather...

Barley, an ancient grain, makes its way into the american diet primarily in the form of beer or the infamous mushroom barley soup.   Malted, it's a standard ingredient in a more stout-ed brew.  In soup we use it to thicken and to add warmth on a cold day.  But did you know that barley actually cools the body?  It also helps move accumulated moisture and fats.  Its delicious sweetness, and nutty flavor, is satisfying on so many levels.  Today we made a barley salad with a few blanched veggies, a dash of ume-su and cooling dill to help your palate feel refreshed.  Don't worry--we have a gluten free option that's just as yummy.  Our local farms are starting to deliver more vegetables despite the lack of rain.  Thanks to Blue Heron for the herbs and kale.  Muddy Fingers for the micro greens.  Remembrance Farms and Wild Apples for giving us the best salad greens around. Lastly, thanks to our northern neighbors for the rest.  Enjoy the meal and treat yourself to a dip in the lake.


Barley salad w/ celery, ume, red onion, parsley, dill & almonds

Chic peas, fava & red beans w/ lemon, lemon zest & garlic

Fried cauliflower & capers

Sugar snap peas, asparagus, peppers & balsamic red onions

Kale & carrot w/ a sumac dressing

Fennel slaw

Field greens w/ sprouts & lemon poppy seed dressing


Summer fruit crisp (GF) 

Heavenly Tapioca (GF)

Strawberry, lemon & coconut parfaits (GF) 

Apricot crumb cake 

Strawberry shortcakes

German chocolate cakelets

Toffee oatmeal cinnamon bars (GF)


Chocolate Hazelnut

Lemon coconut

Hippie crispy treats (GF)


Happy July!

Happy July!

Red, white and blue tart with elderflower cream

Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer

Perfect heads of escarole from Plow Break Farm

Kitchen in full swing

Kitchen in full swing

In a small hamlet in upstate New York, six very industrious women have pulled off three very large events for one weekend - with the help of David Bowie. Time to celebrate, well almost, though we have made our plans. Yes we like a challenge, and bringing a wonderful array of food to all of you. We are excited to see our many friends and customers tomorrow at Farmers Market. Our market menu for tomorrow is below. We hope you enjoy it. 

Rice and Beanly Yours, 

Macro Mamas

II Sampler Platter II

Brown Rice & Red Quinoa w/ Gomasio

Picnic Beans w/ Preserved Lemon & Dill

Grilled Veggies w/ Asparagus

Sautéed Greens, Onions & Red Peppers

Nishimi Root Vegetable

Pressed Cabbage Salad w/ a Horseradish sauce

Field Greens w/ Sprouts & Lemon Poppy seed Dressing


II Dessert List II


Carrot Cake with Maple Candied Walnuts & a White Icing

German Chocolate Cakelets with Hazelnut-Coconut Cream 

Cardamom Cupcakes w/ Rosewater-Coconut Cream

Fig Walnut Bars (GF)

Lemon, Hibiscus & Coconut Cream Parfiats (GF)

Strawberry hubarg Crisp (GF)

Carrot Cake with Candied Walnuts

Cardamom Cream with Rosewater-Coconut Icing

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart (GF)


Almond Cookies (GF)

Pistachio rosewater

Chocolate Snickerdoodles