We are now in the thick of summer and into the growing season. Despite our heat wave and drought we still have an incredible assortment of delicious fruits and veggies, and for that we must thank our dedicated, determined and knowledgeable farmers and farm workers.  We are so thankful for all their hard work and difficult decisions made in response to these unusual conditions. We have seen some mighty fine produce grace our table lately and we are so pleased to bring it to people at market and our catered events!

Our great, ancient lakes, and natural lands, plants and animals, are also do our deepest respect and gratitude for they give us all we need and what we love about this area. So give thanks for what you do have, and the friends and family you share this crazy life with. Eat your veggies, take a swim, and shop local farms, the Mamas sure do. 

Be well, and we look forward to seeing you at Market tomorrow.


The Mamas


II Sampler Platter II

Quinoa tabbouleh w/ lemon zest, mint & almond slivers

Lentil du puy

Cauliflower w/ a creamy dill sauce

Sautéed green beans w/ shallots & mushrooms

Chard & roasted balsamic onions

Red cabbage salad w/ mint

Field greens w/ sprouts & lemon poppy seed dressing

II Desserts II

Salted caramel chocolate cake (GF) 

Lemon-almond “cheesecake” w/ blueberry glaze (GF) 

Blueberry-coconut tartlets (GF) 

Heavenly tapioca (GF) 

Lemon, coconut & blueberry parfaits (GF) 

Summer fruit crisp (GF) 


Chocolate dipped macaroons (GF)

Pistachio rosewater

Chocolate chip zingers (GF)