Good evening All, 

The kitchen is closed, except for me, and a pot of mushroom stock simmering away as the last act of the day. It's been a hot week in the kitchen, so this weeks market meal will be a refreshing and nourishing with lemon, umeboshi, fresh herbs, quinoa, tender young summer squash, lightly pickled beets, and our first offering of sweet corn and sour cherries this season. We received some beautiful, sweet, thin skinned beets, greens, and summer squashes from Blue Heron Farm and Plowbreak Farm, so make sure you check out all the amazing produce tomorrow as well. We not only have cherry pie but also a towering chocolate cherry cake, so good. See menu below for full offering!

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather, and savoring the hot days of summer with good friends, family and food. 

One last note, We will NOT be at Steamboat Landing market NEXT Saturday June July 23rd as we will be enjoying a Grassroots holiday. We will be at market this coming Tuesday July 19th at Dewitt Park, weather permitting. 

II Sampler Platter II

Brown rice & red quinoa w/ garlic scapes, sweet corn & ume-su

Picnic pinto beans

Roasted summer squash, roasted garlic scapes, balsamic red onion & squash flowers

Lightly pickled beets

Kale, celery & carrot w/an ume-pumpkin seed dressing

Pressed green cabbage, dill & ume-su

Field greens w/ sprouts & lemon poppy seed dressing

II Desserts II

Cherry Pie 

Chocolate cherry cake 

Salted chocolate tartlets (GF) 

Cherry & apricot crisp (GF) 

Strawberry, lemon & coconut parfaits (GF)

Heavenly tapioca (GF)

Spice cake trifles w/ apricot compote 

Lime tart

Chocolate cupcakes (GF)

Cookies $1

Almond cookies (GF)

Maple walnut chocolate chip