Okay, folks, time to dig out those warm winter wools, those sweaters and vests and hats and gloves, those mittens and scarves and thick socks, those windbreakers and parkas and raincoats! Time to stock up on hot chocolate mix and herbal teas, fill the woodbox with firewood, and make sure you know where your windshield scraper is! Almost time to hunker down and stay cozy -- but before you do, put on all those warm bundling layers and come meet us down at the Ithaca Farmers Market tomorrow. It's likely to be chilly all day, but we'll be there with a fabulously warming meal to nourish and delight you, as well as some tasty vegan desserts. This week we've included a little spice in the meal -- a slow-cooked three-day pumpkin mole and a touch of pasilla, sweet smoked peppers from New Mexico. We're also taking care of your lungs with lotus root. And the cabbage this time of year is so fabulously sweet and crisp we can hardly believe it.

On the dessert menu, we're still celebrating a great year for paw paws, and we've brought back the paw paw cheesecake for an encore. We've also gotten some beautiful fresh figs from a local producer,  and of course we've got a couple of seasonally-appropriate pumpkin offerings as well. 

Brave the blustery day! Come out and say hello! We'll see you tomorrow,

The Macro Mamas

|| Menu for Saturday, November 4, 2017 ||

Corn Grit Cakes with Pumpkin Mole

Black Beans with Pasilla & Late-Season Tomatoes

Roasted Sweet Potato & Chestnut with Cumin & Lime

Nishime Carrot, Brussels Sprouts, & Lotus Root

Sautéed Greens with Grilled Onion

Green Cabbage, Scarlet Turnip, & Apple Salad

Field Greens with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing


|| Desserts ||

Chocolate Cake with Sicilian Orange & Toasted Almond (GF)

Paw Paw Cashew Cheesecakes (Raw, GF)

Mayan Dark Chocolate Tart (GF)

Pistachio Semolina Tart with Orange-Rosewater Cream & Fresh Figs

Orange-Scented Apple Crisp with Fruit Compote (GF)

Heavenly Tapioca (GF)

Almond, Chocolate & Coconut Cream Parfaits (GF)

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Chai Spice Icing

Pumpkin Pie Bars (GF)

Maple Peanut Butter Cookies (GF)

Chocolate Snickerdoodles

Apple Spice Cookies