Another trip around the sun and we find ourselves reflecting on the things in our life we feel thankful for.   Well this year I’m feeling pretty thankful for living in such a multicultural community.  Farmland survives best on a diverse biosphere, synergistically enhancing the health of the land in its co-creations. A large number of plant species means a greater variety of crops.  Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms.  Ecosystems with more diversity tend to be more stable. Mono-cropping (growing 1 species of a plant on the land over and over again such as corn) slowly drains the soil leaving it unfertile. A diverse community can be tied in with this concept of biodiversity vs mono cropping.   An exposure to a more diverse culture can bring tolerance and peace. We are exposed to our neighbor’s cultural differences; cultural differences that have a beating heart and a kind smile.  Within this diverse environment we can enhance each other’s knowledge of life in our co-creation of community.  Our creations are reflected in our children, the next generation, who then grows up with a broader sensibility toward others.  That sounds sustainable to me.  

  This Saturday we’ll be giving thanks around a plate of local delicacies.  I’m giving thanks to our neighbors and friends, Remembrance Farm, Stick N Stone, Wild apples, Muddy Fingers, Blue Heron and Regional Access.

II Saturday Market Menu November 19, 2016 II

Wild Rice Pilaf

White Bean Cassoulet with Porcini Sauce

Lemon & Maple Glazed Brussel sprouts, Mushrooms, Chestnuts &Toasted Hazelnut

Sweet potato Casserole

Kale & Red Cabbage with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Field Greens with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Cranberry Relish

|| Desserts ||

Lemon Shortbread Tartlets

Pumpkin Pie

Heavenly Tapioca (GF)  

Apple Crisp with Fig & Dried Plums (GF)

Ginger Cake with Cardamom Cream  

Carrot Cupcakes  

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes (GF)

|| Small Treats ||

Almond Cookies (GF)

Apricot Linzer Cookies