Things are cooling down fast in upstate NY and so we must keep our ovens on and pots simmering in order to stay warm in our warehouse kitchen. Of course, this is not exactly a problem, especially given the addition of two cozy soups to this week's menu.

A creamy trifecta of squash varieties - buttercup, butternut, and kabocha - have been roasted, blended, and cooked on the stove this afternoon. We're hoping that they, in addition to a savory miso vegetable concoction, will help to spread some warmth around market tomorrow.

Aside from our soup and meal production, we also took the time this week to prep vegetables for our housemade kimchi, which couples quite well with miso. The fermentation process has begun and I reckon we're set for the better part of winter! 

Much love from the Macro Mamas

Our kimchi vegetables are hand-mixed with red pepper for a powerful kick!
Photo by Emily Wilson

|| Menu for Saturday, October 17th ||
Millet-Quinoa Herbal Cakes (gluten free option available)
Sage White Bean Cassoulet with Seared Mushrooms & Seitan
Turnips with Millet Béchamel & Olives
Broccoli with a French Sorrel Pistou
Braised Greens
Pressed Apple, Conehead Cabbage, Watermelon Radish & Jicama Salad
Wild Apple & Remembrance Farms’ Field Greens 

|| Desserts ||
Apple Turnovers
Individual German Chocolate Cakes
Heavenly Tapioca with Salted Maple Caramel – GF
Beignets with Pastry Cream & Caramel
Apple & Pear Crisp – GF
Classic Pumpkin Pie

Maple Walnut Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Cherry Bombs
Rosewater Pistachio
Peanut Butter – GF