Can you believe it's already December? We've only got a few more Saturday markets before our winter break. We'll be down at the market tomorrow, December 2, and the following week is our last one! 

I repeat: December 9 will be our last market of the season at Steamboat Landing!

We'll miss you all, and we'll be back down at the market sometime in April. In the meantime, we have a great menu planned for tomorrow. We'll be serving a delicious buckwheat polenta with a rich, savory mushroom sauce, as well as lentils du Puy, roasted kohlrabi, and some tender little squash tartlets. 

Buckwheat is a wonderful winter food, imparting a deep warmth you can feel in your bones. Perfect for blustery days.

|| Menu for Saturday, December 02, 2017 ||

Buckwheat Polenta with a Savory Cauliflower-Mushroom Sauce

Lentils du Puy with Caramelized Fennel, Lemon Verbena, & Orange Blossom

Roasted Kohlrabi & Purple Radish Salad

Brussels Sprouts & Leek Gratin

Kale & Pickled Cabbage Salad with Ume-Chervil Dressing

Field Greens with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing


|| Desserts ||

Chai Spice Cake with Lemon & Orange Filling

Paw Paw Mousse Cake (GF)

Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake (GF)

Apple Crisp with Mulberries and Sour Cherry (GF)

Heavenly Tapioca (GF)

Hibiscus & Lemon Parfaits (GF)

Almond, Chocolate & Coconut Cream Parfaits (GF)

Blueberry-Walnut Scones (GF)

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Chocolate Almond Thumbprints

Maple Peanut Butter Cookies (GF)

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons (GF)